Kaštelir is a village situated on the west coast of Istria, 8km from the seaside resort of Poreč. It is sourounded with forests, olive treas and vineyards. This part of Istria is well known for the production of wine, potatoes, olive oil and honey, as well as forests full of asparagus and wild mushrooms, all of which you can taste in our restaurant. The church of St. Kuzme and Damiana is situated in the center of Kaštelir and there is a seaview from the church's bell-tower, while the sea is just 6km away. In the early autumn it is still beautiful at the sea. The walks through the forests, the vintage of the wineyards, the degustation of wine and typical Istrian specialities, visiting medieval towns in the inside of Istria, are just some of the activites that you can enjoy. Winters are really mild and appropriate for excursions and leisure. Visiting the seaside in winter is healthy and relaxing. In spring the whole area blooms and that makes the walks and bike rides really special. You can take a swim in the clear water on some beautiful beach before the season and before the beaches get too crowded. Enjoying the perfume of nature, the clean air and the hospitality you will experience a quieter atmosphere from modern life. The national observatory was built at Visnjan, a village nearby, because the air here is so clean.